Today, Brad and Pippin will be talking to Matt Mullenweg. Matt is the founder of WordPress and the CEO of Automattic. We will be talking about the history of Automattic and what Matt does in his spare time. We’ll also talk about what Matt feels is not talked about enough inside of WordPress. Some of the highlights of the show include: Matt’s announcement that he will be leading WordPress development: how the CEO of such a large company can lead this huge open source project. The tipping point where Matt decided he wanted to get back into the development side. Why Matt thinks there has been no progress on powering the WP Admin by the REST API and why this is one of his priorities. What Matt would like to see happen with the WP Admin to make it most successful. What Automattic looked like in its early days when the team was only a handful of people, as well as what Matt would change if he could go back in time. How Matt recommends people learn about management and communication. What Matt chooses to work on when he’s working on code and why. The things that Matt is most concerned about today. What Matt feels is lacking attention and interest in the WordPress world. Links
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