I checked out the Gutenberg plugin and new writing experience for WordPress – via an early plugin version. It’s clear I missed the goal of this thing. I tried the new Gutenberg writing experience for WordPress today! Having read all the early reviews of the new Gutenberg plugin (which is still a very early release), and then reading the interview that Matt Mullenweg did with Torque at WordCamp Europe, I was excited to try it out. What I read from Matt’s interview, which matched his WordCamp US talk last December, was that this focus on the editor experience would let us leapfrog the experiences that newbies were enjoying with Wix, Weebly & Squarespace. Of course, there’s always mention of the nice writing experience of Medium that is always mentioned, but the target, that I thought I heard, was the other players. The folks that were spending gobs of marketing money on ads and were taking market share from the WordPress ecosystem. It’s clear I’ve misunderstood something, but first… Before I tell you about my experience, let me set the record straight on several things. I believe that the number of volunteers working on this have done a great
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