Personalizing Web Experiences to Increase Conversions Have you ever met a stranger and instantly hit it off? They’re interested in all the same things you are, the conversation flows easily, and you feel like you’ve been friends for years… Such situations might not manifest themselves every day, but we can all agree that it’s pretty awesome when they do. So what if you could make your website into the equivalent of that stranger? That’s the allure of personalized web experiences. Website personalization allows your website to dynamically change depending on the characteristics of each person visiting your site. And through those real-time changes, you can serve up a website that better fits the needs of each individual visitor. That promise is why 94% of businesses think personalizing web experiences is “critical to [their] current and future success.” But what, specifically, is web personalization? Does it actually work? And can you implement it on your site without a 6-digit budget? Let’s find out. Personalized Web Experiences Adapt Your Site To Your Visitors Web personalization is the idea of dynamically changing your website’s
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