Gutenberg is being developed as the next generation WordPress editor. I made my first contribution earlier today. Nothing big, but something that will hopefully help people test it. The contribution process was , but for end users, that’s not the important thing. What is important is the actual editor. I’ve seen talk that Gutenberg is in “Open Beta” now, but I think calling this beta software is still premature. I think there is plenty that will change between now and any possible inclusion in WordPress core for Gutenberg. Here are my random thoughts and my first reactions to using Gutenberg. It’s pretty. And Fast. I never thought of the post editor as being slow, but there is something about Gutenberg that makes it feel fast. There are a lot of rough edges. It’s hard to know what is a bug, what is intentional, what just hasn’t been done yet, and what hasn’t been thought of. There is an option for “Drop Cap” that doesn’t seem to do anything on the front end yet. I’ve also never intentionally been able to highlight multiple blocks at once, but I’ve sure done it on accident a lot. I can’t seem to delete
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