Pre-holiday periods are always associated with sales, discounts, firelights, decorations, mobs of people and massive hype. To match the atmosphere and spirit, brick and mortar stores use different decorative methods to attract customers. And they definitely work. It might be distinctly from the number of window-shoppers strolling. The fact your marketplace has attracted a view – costs a lot. Naturally you won’t face such an entourage in the internet, but you would probably notice, that the same idea of holiday transformation obviously works in the web as well. The question is, what would act as the fairy light of your web resource? First of all, it is not that difficult. You won’t need to mess with plastic, electricity, cardboard and so on. And that is why, your design decisions can be much more creative and free. Better not to tarry: Sales statistics over the holiday periods show, that during November of 2016 in UK Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales reached 34.2 billion. Christmas period over the six weeks before Christmas itself finished with 25 billion spent in the online shops. Important to notice, over 60% of all Christmas orders were made with the help of e-commerce
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