We’ve released a major update to Restricted Site Access, our popular WordPress plugin that intelligently limits website access. Designed to keep unwanted visitors out of staging, test, and private sites, the plugin is active on more than 20,000 websites and has a 5 star rating. Restricted Site Access 6.0 adds full support for WordPress network (multisite) installations. Network administrators can enforce restriction rules across the entire network, or set default restriction rules that are applied as new sites are added. If you have a network of private blogs or internal sites, or need time to configure new sites in your network before taking them live, this is the update you’ve been waiting for. Administrators are proactively warned about potential compatibility issues when page caching is enabled. This will alleviate a common point of confusion, since some page caching solutions will deliver content before the plugin can analyze the visitor. We’ve modernized the development workflow with Grunt to facilitate internal development and open source contributions. We’ve tweaked and updated some code and user-facing language throughout. The plugin is up to date on
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