On September 16th 2014, a new world record was set when 12,091 people attended the largest ever webinar held by Glavbukh in Russia. What makes this figure so astounding is the fact that only ten years earlier, almost nobody had even heard the word “webinar”. In recent years, many businesses have come to realize the amazing potential of webinars as a marketing tool. A 2016 survey by Content Marketing Institute found that webinars ranked as the 2nd most effective kind of marketing content, behind only in-person events. The power of webinars has become so well known that 66% of marketers are now using them as part of their marketing strategy. Webinars also help to position your brand in a competitive space. If you’re considering joining the large number of business who have had amazing success using webinars, it’s important to know as much as you can about how to run a successful webinar. This article will show you why webinars are a fantastic marketing tool and help you choose webinar software that suits your specific needs. Skip below to see our ultimate ten step guide to setting up a free and fully functional webinar on your WordPress site, and give you some
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