Prepare to be blown away! Our brand new editor UI will take your design experience to the next level. Today we are releasing the new version of Elementor. The new version comes included with a brand new and improved interface, as well as a host of other practical improvements that extend our page builder's abilities. Version 1.5 is a major and multi-feature update. It actually took us quite a while to complete. We have also run this version through an extensive one-month testing period, which included three RC versions that were given to our loyal beta testers. This extensive testing was done in order to make sure all the improvements are implemented as smoothly as possible for each and every user. What you are about to read is a long list of changes and improvements added in this version. The vast majority of updates have been created as a result of our user suggestions. We believe our users have a strong part in making Elementor the absolute best page builder plugin. Let's go over the new changes, so you know what to look for. Just look at it... The clearly defined borders, the subtle menu animation, the improved drag & drop... I apologize for gushing here, but I'm really proud
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