At WordCamp Europe last week, I talked about the basics of plugin development. Since I had a mixed bag of experiences, I decided not to actually write a plugin in the class, but instead I took Hello Dolly and edited it. I discussed how the plugin worked, that an action called a function, which returned a value, and showed the interconnectivity. In this way, the attendees could understand the big picture of how code comes together. But at the end, with five minutes, I touched on an important aspect of plugins that Hello Dolly doesn’t do much with, because it doesn’t have to. I talked about security. Past You In the past, you probably done insecure things. Have you ever left your car unlocked in the driveway while you ran the groceries inside? We all do things that are insecure or unsafe. This is normal. Similarly, we have done insecure code. In the past, all of us, when we begin, we write code to perform actions without thinking about how it will be used globally. We don’t worry about safe, we worry about functions. There’s nothing wrong with this. We are often focus driven designers, fueled by passion and desire, so we want to do and not worry about the details.
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