It this article we’ll try to find out if WordPress is a good match for websites aimed at photography professionals. But first, let’s start from the basics. Do I need a website in the first place? Many photographers think that a website is not necessary in their line of work. They tend to think that displaying their work on platforms like 500px, flickr or instagram, and having a Facebook page for their business is enough. Is it though? The answer is simply no, sometimes it’s even bad relying on social media platforms alone to help you expand your business. A website can help you display your work in any manner you prefer, allowing you to cherry pick what gets shown where and what is hidden. Sure enough you can create portfolio sections in the networks mentioned above, but these have a great caveat, they tend to “suggest” similar pictures to the visitor, this is a distraction you might not want, a potential customer might wander off to another photographer’s profile which might in turn result into losing a sale, this can’t happen if you control what the potential client sees. Similarly, Facebook might start showing ads to people searching for
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