Earlier this year, I gave a talk at WordCamp Atlanta about Namespaces and Autoloading. These are two topics that, even though we can’t often use some of the native features of PHP7+ in our work, I think that many of us should be using in our plugin development. Sometimes though, I think the problem is that developers lack the time, resources, or experience to know where to start understanding autoloaders let alone write their own. And I want to fix that. For some time now, I’ve been using a very simple autoloader in my projects. It’s served me well, but I think it could it be more powerful and I think it’s something that others could easily use in their projects, too. So I’ve started a repository that offers a simple autoloader for WordPress. No, it’s not for WordPress core nor is it meant to be used with themes, but it’s for those who want to begin using autoloading in their WordPress plugins and similar projects. Simple Autoloader for WordPress You can read all of the details in the project’s repository, but here are the basics: TL;DR: An autoloader you can drop into a WordPress plugin and begin using it automagically. I have a very
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