You’re starting a new blog. Or, you’re relaunching an existing one. How can you get thousands of visitors to your site when you first launch? Most marketers set out with the goal of getting hundreds or thousands of eyeballs on their blog right after they publish their first post… ….but in actuality, most people end up publishing a few posts, sharing them on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, and looking at Google Analytics wondering why only a couple dozen friends ended up checking out their first article. The reason most people fail at generating traffic right from the start is because they’re not thinking of launching their blog like they would launch a product. For example, you wouldn’t spend a ton of time and effort building a new SaaS product only to launch it by sharing it with a few mutual friends on Facebook… would you? I’ll just answer that for you…No, you wouldn’t. You’d likely try to get awareness of your product by pitching it to publications, posting it to Product Hunt, getting influencers to share your post, doing outreach, etc. You’d have an entire game plan leading up to launch day. This is called
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