Project scope, scope creep, gold plating, feature creep, scope discovery. What do they mean? The first time I hired a developer to work on my personal website, I had never have heard of them and had no idea these words were so important when working with an outsourced WordPress developer. I learned it though as the developer, at that time, pointed out I was requesting changes that were off what he and I had agreed upon. At that time, I hadn't realized I was going a bit over my requests and I had no idea this "approach" had a name too: scope creep. That's what I was doing. After apologizing to my developer, and saying I was really sorry for doing that (in my defense: it was literally my very first time outsourcing development = #noobalert), I wanted to know all about scope creep. So I started to do some research. And the more I researched, the more I discovered a semantic world that developers do care about. This world accounts for and is framed around 5 key notions. As they're still obscure and not 100% grasped to many, I wanted to shed some light on them and help you understand what they mean, when they occur and why they're bad for your client-expert relationship. Getting
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