Of the three recent additions to this site, the WordPress 101 for Nonprofits page is probably the most exciting. Why? It’s a great overview of the entire site for new users, but it also has the first Nonprofit WP infographic to help readers really grasp the component parts of WordPress. Let’s quickly go through each piece of the WordPress tower from bottom-to-top to really understand it. Know that like most things on this site, this graphic focuses on “self-hosted” WordPress and not WordPress.com. For those unfamiliar with the difference, here’s our explainer. WordPress Core The “core” files of WordPress are what make everything else work. You can download them for free on WordPress.org and install on your website host. WordPress is often described as a solid foundation for a website, and this graphic takes that description literally! It’s a foundation because nothing works without it and also because it allows you build a million variations of different designs and website features based on your needs. Database The second part of a standard WordPress site installation is the database. While everyone who installs WordPress has the same
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