Flip Although selecting a web hosting service doesn’t need to be a complicated process, it still requires some careful thought. The hosting service you choose must be able to accommodate your needs. This should include your website’s capacity and its page loading speed. Reliability is also an important factor. It is in fact a crucial one. Especially if you are running an online store or an online presence. Why? Because hosting reliability is one of the keys to your company’s success. You want your website, and all its associated business and customer data to be safe at all times. Besides that, you want it to be recoverable should an unexpected problem occur. Pricing is important. Aside from any unique affordability issues you may have, it should not be the primary driver of your decision to buy. In the hosting business, you tend to get what you pay for. The good news is that there are plenty of hosting services that want your business. Here are 5 of the best; followed by several tips to help you make the best possible choice. SiteGround SiteGround is in the web hosting business for 13+ years with a global operation supported by five data centres located on three continents.
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