The internet is no longer a toy. It is no longer used only for fun or even simply for research. It is now an integral part of people’s lives, of businesses, and even entire economies. Comedian and science advocate, Bill Nye, was recently speaking about his new show Bill Nye Saves the World. Asked why he thought it was so important, he said: I want clean water for everyone on Earth; renewably-produced, reliable electricity for everyone on Earth; access to the internet, or whatever the future of electronic information is, so that everybody in the world can participate in taking care of the planet. Water, electricity, and internet. It may sound crazy, but I would argue that the science guy is right. The internet is vitally important to the future of humanity. It needs to be protected, secured, and available. This cannot happen unless it is open. History The internet as we know it started around 1991. Tim Berners Lee, working with CERN, developed HTTP, HTML, and the first ever web browser. The internet was much more academic at that time and looked a lot like the pages of a research paper. Around the same time, the Commercial Internet eXchange was trying to do something ground breaking.
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