In the immortal words of George Elliot, “Animals are such agreeable friends. They ask no questions, they pass no criticism.” Having an animal to come home to or around your workplace can really improve your life. I wanted to know how the WordPress community embraced animals, so I asked several WordPressers in the community to share photos and stories of their own animals. The results were nothing short of adorable. Bob Dunn’s cat, Rochester “Rochester came into our lives about two years ago – we call him Chester for short. He’s a rescue cat (our 5th one over the years) that was abandoned after a crack house raid. Rough life for his first year, but he is now the most loving cat, of course with an attitude. Although I don’t think he much cares for WordPress as he doesn’t hang around much in my office.” Bob Dunn is a blogger and podcaster at BobWP. Connect with him on Twitter. Jeff Starr’s fish, Spider Man “Spider Man is a reddish blue betta fish that I rescued from another betta fish. He now lives happily next to my desk in a large bowl of water, just sort of floating around all day. He’s very quiet, relaxed, low
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