1 … 2 … 3 … – your potential customer just closed your site because it is still loading. Sounds familiar? I believe you were that impatient and frustrated visitor many times. I know I was. That is why I compiled an ultimate list of things you need to know about image optimization. It is going to be long, but I hope you will find it worth reading. Image Optimization Benefits Are you still not sold on all the image optimization thing? Let’s look at all the benefits that you will get, if you only fix that small and trivial problem: Your site will be faster Your Google PageSpeed score will be better Google will like you more and your search engine rankings will improve Your bounce rate will be smaller and more visitors will see your page You will need less storage on your servers and you will spend fewer resources on servers, which will save you money You will save mobile data plan money for yourself and your visitors I’ve got your attention now, right? Now we can start with the real work. Image Formats Image optimization starts with some basic knowledge about image formats. The two most common formats on the internet are PNG with extension .png and
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