The WordPress developer community is currently abuzz with JavaScript talk, specifically around which JavaScript framework to use in WordPress core. Regardless of which framework is chosen, it’s clear that WordPress is pushing towards a more modern JavaScript centric approach to UI development. The Customizer, Calypso and Gutenberg are all examples of such UI developments. If you remember, back in 2015 Matt said to “learn JavaScript deeply,” but, in all honesty, I didn’t take much notice. However, recently I decided to make a concerted effort to brush up on my JavaScript knowledge. In this article I would like to share my favorite parts of ES2015, which will add a touch of elegance to your JavaScript. What’s ES2015? What About ES6? I have to admit that until recently I didn’t fully understand exactly what ES2015 was. I knew it was a ‘newer’ version of JavaScript, but I had also seen references to ES6 and Harmony. I presumed they were all different versions, but they are all in fact pseudonyms for the 2015 version of JavaScript. Harmony was the original name, and after that ES6 (because it’s the sixth major version of ECMAScript).
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