We’re sure that when you read the title of this post you’ll think it’s sensationalist. The good folks at WeFoster HQ are going for the BuzzFeed titles now?! All performance related tips and tricks must be covered by now.. And if it really was such a big issue there must be hundreds of articles on the web about this.. Nope. Below is a breakdown of the symptoms, causes and cure for a serious WordPress condition we call: Third Party Plugin Update Check Syndrome (TPPUCS™) How do I know if my beloved WordPress Install is suffering from TPPUCS?! Thanks for asking! To answer this question we brought in WeFoster CTO and WordPress Doctor, Bowe Frankema. He’s here to answer your burning questions about TPPUCS. What is TPPUCS? Third Party (Premium) Plugin Update Checks The risk of a slow WP admin due to severe performance issues related to the (unnecessary) checking for updates of your (premium) third party plugins and themes. Should I be worried, Dr. Bowe? Let me explain who should be worried about this.. If you are running one or multiple Premium plugins or themes. If you are occasionally dealing with SLOOOOOOOOOOW WordPress Admin page loads (Stage 1) If you are
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