Welcome to the 28th edition of the monthly transparency report (for May 2017). This is a series where I do my best to discuss all the current goings on that were at the center of our attention last month, plus everything else that’s interesting from a business-ish point of view. Click here to see the previous reports. Something I shared in one of the previous reports was how we were planning to invite third-party authors to offer some of their themes through our directory at ThemeIsle.com. Well, it’s happening! But this month’s report is not only about that. There’s been a lot more going on, actually, and I hope to get to all that further down in this report. Feel free to jump around, though: Third-party themes in the ThemeIsle directory | Is there room for a Jetpack alternative? | Community and the Theme Review team (TRT) | Listen less, care less, but do more Third-party themes in the ThemeIsle directory Here’s the current state of events with our theme partnership program (you could call it like that, I guess): We’ve just had our soft launch of the whole initiative on June 20th this year, which was, if you look at the calendar, just two days before
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