Last week WordPress core contributors narrowed their considerations for a new JavaScript framework to React and Vue. As the core team has more collective knowledge of working with React, they have reached out to developers with different experiences of using other frameworks in a WordPress context. One of the chief concerns contributors have regarding Vue is the longevity of the project. I asked Vue creator Evan You if he could weigh in on the topic to give WordPress contributors a better understanding of the project, specifically regarding his efforts to cultivate additional maintainers to help share the load of maintainership. “I think it’s important to look at the track record – Vue has been around for almost 4 years, and all the work has been done in public on GitHub so anyone can go and check the maintenance history,” You said. “While it has been largely developed by me, the current maintenance is a lot more community-driven. We have active core team members triaging most of the issues and a larger and larger percentage of the issues fixed by community PRs. So – yes, I had already been working on cultivating additional maintainers and will continue
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