What follows is a lesson for people looking to hire a freelancer or agency to build out your next big strategy; your next website; or your next app. We were contracted to come on site and deliver a two-day workshop that consisted of website and LMS training (WordPress + LearnDash). It was a good experience overall. However, we were reminded of the importance of communication from start to finish. Here’s what we learned. There are a number of projects that we work on. Many are website development projects—other projects are content and inbound marketing related. Sometimes we just provide training or technical (and moral) support for businesses. A common thread in all of our engagements is communication from start to finish. Our process has evolved with each project. A proper discovery and audit phase is an essential component to any project. That’s where we find out who the stakeholders are, the key people in charge of decision making. Discovery reveals concerns, history, frustrations, victories, desiers, and goals. During the process of discovery we figure out who the intended audience is for the work we’ll do. Who are the end-users? Are they visitors finding
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