Added permalink popup component to the title. Converting alignment toolbar as a component to be reused by blocks. Several improvements to the publish button flows. Implemented both “wide” and “full-width” options for media. Add GalleryBlock. Implement columns layouts and count slider for GalleryBlock in inspector. Add LatestPostsBlock. Register all embeds in the inserter. Improve the multi-selection experience. Implement optional toolbar dividers. Implement inspector controls component API. Tweaks to the responsive design. Avoid selecting a block when clicking outside of content. Loading state for embeds. Implement initial tag management. Fix state bugs around ListBlock handling of attributes. Removed title from Dashicons, added icon, and added roles. Add some magic handling around saving by moving to effect handler. Improve accessibility of block mover with contextual titles. Improve state by avoiding new unnecessary references. Added menu items to start with new post or with demo content. Improved full-width and wide CSS handling. Index fix for block mover. Named new “widgets” category for dynamic blocks. Fix focus issues while typing. Fix clearing
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