Gutenberg is the code name for WordPress’s new visual editor, which is designed to add block support to WordPress. Gutenberg is not currently earmarked for a specific release, but signs seem to point toward WordPress 5.0. It has a promising UI, and has been through a fair number of iterations already, but as work continues, I find myself more and more disenchanted with the solutions they’ve proposed. I find myself constantly taken aback by the incredible number of flawed premises that comprise the project. Flaw 1 – “We know our audience from, and our personal experience” This was essentially Matt Mullenweg’s response to the discussion of adding an opt in analytics system to, to gather usage data about the software, to inform development. Respectfully, that response is dead wrong. is a blog host, that filters out all users except those simply looking to post articles. With WordPress powering almost a quarter of the web, this is NOT as sufficient cross-section of users, and heavily biases the demographics to casual bloggers. WordPress desperately needs data-driven development that comes from the community. I
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