This is likely not the only post you are going to see about WordPress 4.8, but I wanted to take it from a different approach. And that is why this widgets are so freaking cool with this release. What Widgets You May Ask? Well, before I get into my two big reasons these widgets are a welcome addition to the collection of default widgets in WordPress 4.8, let’s take a quick look at them. Text Widget – Improved Finally, a simple way to format you text widget. In the past, to do this you needed to add some HTML. I had written posts in the past that showed you how to get around that if you didn’t know HTML. Those posts will now be outdated except for one reason I will mention shortly. Now it is obvious this is a good start and of course they couldn’t fit in all the other options in the editor. So you may have your missing favorite one that, who knows, may or may not end up there in the future. I particularly would like to see the headings and also the ability to insert an image easily here. So maybe after all, my old posts on making it easy to format your text widget will continue to be useful. Image Widget – New This is yet another widget that I have share
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