You should refrain from using free photos in general to avoid copyright issues, but especially if the photos depict famous landmarks. Why? Famous landmarks, like the Eiffel Tower with its lighting on, or the Atomium in Brussels, are copyrighted, and you need a property release from the owner to be able to use photos of them commercially, sometimes even editorially. The legal responsibility for using a photo in WordPress –or any online publication– and any copyright infringement associated with it, always falls on the publisher, regardless of them being unaware of the infringement. You can use pictures you take yourself on your publication, as long as you understand the implications of taking pictures of models, landmarks and brands/designs and the responsibilities you automatically assume when doing so. What? You can be sued for using a photo of a landmark or property? Yes, my dear Rockstars. This is true. And Paris’ Eiffel Tower, when its lights are shining at night, is the most famous example of this. In case you don’t know, the lighting of the Eiffel Tower has a copyright (the owner is Société Nouvelle d’exploitation de la Tour Eiffel),
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