WordCamp Europe 2017 has just ended, taking place in Paris this year (next year at Belgrade, Serbia, in case you haven’t heard yet). While last year, at Vienna, only Stanley Macha and I were able to attend – this year, most of the Freemius team was there! Now that everyone’s safely back home, I thought I’d take the time to look back at the event and reflect our experience as a product team who went, using the event as “an excuse” to unite our team and meet everyone face 2 face while also meeting other folks and teams. I will not be covering topics such as the event location, contributors day and not even the talks, as those topics are well covered on other great recaps of WC EU 2017. Leo’s Visa At the beginning of this post, I would like to mention an unfortunate issue, which is the reason I can only write that most of the Freemius team attended WordCamp Europe 2017. Due to technical issues, our team member, and lead developer, Leo Fajardo, was unable to attend WC EU 2017. More specifically, the French government refused to issue him a visa. Leo was not the only one who suffered the consequences of visa policy in France, as it seems that many
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