I had the honor of presenting this past weekend at WordCamp Kyoto. It wasn’t my first time addressing WordCamp crowds on security topics, but it was my first time in Kyoto, Japan. I felt at home, as the attendees and organizers of this event were excellent at making everyone feel welcome. WordCamp Kyoto The event itself was well organized and made all the better with the inclusion of translators whom provided a fantastic service translating my English to Japanese on the fly. The translators did such a great job a joke mid-way through the presentation successfully made it through the language barrier and got a laugh from the crowd. Talking about crowds, the attendees of WordCamp Kyoto are by far my favorite of any WordCamp. The crowd had great questions on the topic of security which ranged from addressing concerns regarding how to best choose plugins that are secure, wether or not to block countries who are not intended audiences for the site, and even afterwards giving a concerned plugin author a run-down on the security implication of using the unserialize() functionality in PHP. The City of Kyoto & WordPress Security Outside of the event I enjoyed taking in the city of
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