In the spirit of regular core contribution to the WordPress core, I have again contributed to WordPress 4.8. It’s a different kind of proud feeling you get when you give back. But most of all, I am happy because of my incredible wife — Maedah Batool — who also got props, her first core contribution. WPCouple is now WordPress Core Contributor! My involvement in the WordPress community is growing by every passing day. I consider it my family. I have made so many awesome friends here. This year so far, I have contributed about 40% to 50% of my entire productive time to FOSS — free and open source software! — especially WordPress. On a WordPress meetup I arranged last month, a developer asked me — what’s the catch? Why do you contribute, or code for free? I told him, that it’s not really free. I get a lot back from it. It’s my investment in the WordPress community — I am investing in WordPress, so that one day, the community will invest back in me. Honestly, though, I spend a lot of my time to improve WordPress and its community. Either by contributing code to the core, producing free and open source packages on GitHub (—
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