WordPress caching plugins are an essential part of optimising a WordPress website. For a long time I used W3 Total Cache. Packed with hundreds of options, W3 Total Cache could be quite overwhelming for WordPress beginners, but the reason I stopped using it is because it was causing some SEO related issues. In 2014 I switched to the newly released WP Rocket. Whereas the majority of caching plugins are free to download from WordPress.org, WP Rocket was (and still is) a premium plugin, however it offered many optimisation features that could not be found in other solutions. For a long time I believed that WP Rocket was by far the best optimisation plugin available for WordPress, but a lot can change over three years so I thought it would be good to look at WP Rocket with a fresh pair of eyes and review it again. Check out my video review of WP Rocket below. My written review can be seen below. In the review I delve deeper into WP Rocket and examine exactly how much the plugin improves the performance of your website. * The version of WP Rocket I have tested for this review is 2.9.11. Why WP Rocket? Unfortunately, this review starts with a story of procastination. You see, my license for
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