Happy release day! After 325 merged pull requests, we’re excited to bring you WP-CLI v1.2.0, chock full of enhancements, bug fixes… and a bootstrap refactor. But first… We have a new logo! Coming soon to a laptop near you: Thanks to Chris Wallace and the crew at Lift UX for their work, as well as everyone who responded to my pings about feedback. Commands abstracted to distinct packages We’ve split up the project! The main wp-cli/wp-cli repository now only contains the framework itself. All of the bundled commands can be found in separate repositories. For instance, the wp cache * series of commands are now located at github.com/wp-cli/cache-command. This abstraction provides a few benefits: While developing, the tests are only run for the specific component you’re working on, making the feedback loop much shorter. Individual command packages can be controlled and set up independently, opening up the opportunity for better collaboration. Hotfixes and intermediary releases can be published for individual commands, that can then be updated through the built-in package manager. Tests run really fast now. When you submit a pull request, you don’t have
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