WordPress is currently used by over 30% of all websites and 59% of all content management systems. One of the major concerns that people have when it comes to WordPress is the speed! With the release of PHP 7, some of those speed concerns have been fixed. There are other solutions that WordPress developers use to get around the speed issue such as using a full-page caching plugin, using a CDN among others. There’s, however, nothing like improving the raw speed of uncached pages especially when you need almost real-time updates with the service.This is particularly useful when you are using WordPress to build something other than a static content distribution website where the post don’t change frequently. WordPress comes with a set of core functions that are globally accessible. Most theme and plugin developers rely on these function to extend the functionality of the WordPress framework. There are however a collection of functions that are not necessarily fast when used repeatedly, in other words, they do not scale. Fortunately, Automattic, the company behind the paid VIP WordPress service, has released a set of functions that do not scale properly because they are not
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