Bots are all the rage these days. They call us while we’re eating dinner, they merge our data for us, they take part in our elections, and they’re taking over Facebook Messenger. As a wannabe bot creator myself, I couldn’t resist the hype any longer, so I started tinkering with Facebook’s Messenger Platform to see what it would take to start chatting with my own code. Introducing WPFBBotKit Messenger Platform is essentially just a JSON API and like many APIs, I found that there’s quite a bit of boilerplate–the digital equivalent of handshakes and small-talk–required to get started. So rather than put you through all of that, I decided to create WPFBBotKit, a WordPress plugin that will get your WP-backed bot ready to chat as quickly as possible. One major caveat before we get started: We will not be creating “smart” bots. While it’s definitely possible with NLP and Deep Learning, we’re just going to make a simple bot that will try to drive traffic to our website by giving users something to read. Setting Up To get started, we’ll need a WordPress site with SSL support since the Messenger platform requires an HTTPS
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