Initially, most of the website owners believe that it is tough to get people to their site. On the other hand, the expert ones feel that getting people on the blog or the website is, in fact, the easier part. The tougher thing here is getting the users to spend some substantial time on your website. Even if the engagement and the traffic on your site are quite impressive, it does take some real experimentation and work to figure out ways to make more visitors stay on your website for a longer time. Also, users should be encouraged to navigate around and check more pages before they hit the back button or close the tab. What is a Bounce rate? Your website’s bounce rate is the measure of the percentage of people who clicked on your website but then bounced off from the current page without checking out the other pages. The sooner they leave your website, the higher will be the bounce rate. An extremely high percentage of bounce rates indicates that something major is wrong with your site. There can be several factors responsible for raising the bounce rate of your site, and there are several great techniques which can be applied so as to reduce it. Listed below are a few ways in
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