Have you played around with the beta Gutenberg plugin yet? If you haven’t heard of Gutenberg yet, it’s the new WordPress editor that will replace the current one. I won’t spend a ton of time describing it because there are lots of places you can find that information, like here, here, and pretty much everywhere that might be related to WordPress. But the gist of it is that WordPress is running a little scared (in my opinion) of becoming irrelevant and old-school, so maybe 6 months or so ago, Matt Mullenweg basically said to update the editor to something modern or else. Ok, he didn’t use those exact words, and I don’t remember the exact time frame, but basically, that’s pretty much what went down. Little Blocks (Are we on the playground?) From what I’ve seen, it looks like someone said, hey, make the WP editor work just like the Medium editor. And there are plenty of “first impression” posts that will give you a look into all the pros and cons of the new “little blocks” editor. “Little blocks”? Really? I won’t comment further on that. Those little blocks aren’t completely horrible upon first use.
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