Have you noticed how frustrating it can be to browse some websites nowadays? It seems like every day sites get more and more aggressive with opt-ins, overlays, and more. Enter, Holler Box… In a world of lightbox popups and full-screen overlays, Holler Box is a popup plugin that’s a breath of fresh air. Holler Box lets you promote offers, mailing lists, and more without annoying your visitors like some more aggressive methods. It’s lightweight, easy to configure, and rings up at the attractive price of free (though there is a Pro version with added functionality). Holler Box Review: What All Does It Do? Holler Box lets you create “messages” that display in any corner of your site. I say “messages” because Holler Box is pretty flexible with regards to what that means. You can essentially embed any content that fits in the WordPress Editor. That means not only your own custom text, but also any shortcodes, images, videos, and more. Then, you can also tack on email opt-in forms and/or faux live chat functionality. Put it all together and Holler Box can look like this: Or like this: Or even like this: And once you have your message configured, you
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