Not everyone likes subversion. If you use Git to manage WordPress plugin development, keeping your Git repo and the SVN repo in sync is tedious. Luckily, we can use TravisCI deployment provider to automate SVN deployment after tests. Prerequisites You need these before moving on: Plugin source code plugin SVN repo (You get this after plugin review approval.) First Push to GitHub In order to use TravisCI, we have to host the plugin repository on GitHub. First, create a new repository on GitHub by going to this page and filling in the repository name. Then, we are going to commit all plugin files into Git and push it to this GitHub repository. Remember to replace the remote URL with yours. 123456 $ cd /path/to/plugin/directory$ git init$ git add -A$ git commit -m "first commit"$ git remote add origin$ git push -u origin master Connecting TravisCI Connect your GitHub repository with TravisCI by going to your TravisCI account page and switching on your repository. Click Sync account in the upper right corner if your newly created repository doesn't show up in the list. You're all set. Every time you
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