You can find Scott on LinkedIn or Twitter . This is our recent interview with him, as part of our Kinsta Kingpin series. Q1: What is your background, & how did you first get involved with WordPress? I didn’t grow up coding like a lot of people, I was pretty late to the game. I actually got a degree in Music (Jazz Guitar) in college, and went on to sell boats after that. I started making the website for the boat dealership I worked for around 2005, and got interested in web and graphic design. I got a job as a graphic designer, which turned into web design pretty quickly, then I went off on my own and started doing client work. I got into WordPress as an easy way to put together websites for my clients, and have been diving deeper ever since. Around 2010 I started a premium theme company, and also created a SaaS website builder for fitness professionals. Q2: What should readers know about all the stuff you’re doing in WordPress these days? I started AppPresser in late 2013, we released the first version of our product in January of 2014. I’ve been doing that full time ever since. Q3: What challenges did you face in getting to where you are now professionally? When
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