Today, 12 July 2017, LiteSpeed web server provides the first production-grade QUIC implementation available for the public. Since Litespeed is part of our infrastructure, we are happy to introduce the support for QUIC protocol that will be enabled by default in next 24 hours on all WordPress sites hosted on our platform. Yes, we need first to test if this is stable version even Litespeed says it is stable. Google wants to speed up the web with its QUIC protocol, and we also want to speed up your WordPress sites. You gain an impressive edge over your competitors by serving applications over QUIC, and a site that loads in half a second now could load instantaneously over QUIC! How current HTTPS over TCP works Currently, all the web traffic works over TCP protocol. Your browser before starting a new connection to the server needs to exchange some information three times, known as a 3-way handshake and a few more packets for HTTPS handshake. That's why opening an HTTPS connection over TCP have a delay. As much as visitors are coming from a far away distance, this delay can be so long, sometimes even seconds. How will QUIC over UDP speed up your WordPress site UDP is more like a fire and
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