When you have a fresh install of WordPress, finding files in your WordPress media library is easy. It’s like moving into a new apartment – everything is clean and in its right place. Then you start uploading more and more files…and suddenly you can’t find your old files in the black hole that is your unorganized WordPress media library. That’s when you need the help of a plugin to wrangle your files. Media Library Folders Pro helps you add some structure to your WordPress media library by setting you up with actual folders just like on your operating system, as well as helpful categories that you can assign your files to. In the following sections, you’ll learn exactly how to use this plugin to organize your WordPress media library. Typically, you have two options for organizing your WordPress media library: Folders – use the familiar folder structure offered by operating systems to drag and drop your files as needed. Taxonomies – add categories or tags to individual images to make it easier to find them later on. You’ll find plenty of people on both sides saying one method is preferable to another for organizing the WordPress media
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