Security Risk: Dangerous Exploitation Level: Easy/Remote DREAD Score: 7/10 Vulnerability: SQL Injection Patched Version: 12.0.8 As part of a vulnerability research project for our Sucuri Firewall, we have been auditing popular open source projects looking for security issues. While working on the WordPress plugin WP Statistics, we discovered a SQL Injection vulnerability. This plugin is currently installed on 300,000+ websites. Are You at Risk? This vulnerability is caused by the lack of sanitization in user provided data. An attacker with at least a subscriber account could leak sensitive data and under the right circumstances/configurations compromise your WordPress installation. If you have a vulnerable version installed and your site allows user registration, you are definitely at risk. Technical Details WordPress provides an API that enables developers to create content that users can inject to certain pages just using a simple shortcode: [shortcode atts_1=”test” atts_2=”test”] Among other functionalities, WP Statistics allows admin users to get detailed information related with the number of visits by just calling the shortcode below: As you can see on
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