Disclaimer: this is a corporate blog explaining our ideas, conjectures, and hypothesis around the blockchain and our business. We are currently developing a blockchain-based venture capital organization and, consequently, think a lot about the why’s and how’s. Having said that, please feel free not to agree with our views and share your comments and critics with us. The Equity Model Today, products and services are typically associated with a business. By selling their products they make their profits and numbers. Think of iPhone and Apple, Kindle and Amazon or Google Search and Google. To develop and produce their respective products businesses hire people and pay them accordingly (hopefully). Because it’s their brainchild they often protect their products with patents and trademarks. Within the tech industry, those brainchildren are called Intellectual Property and they are often considered by management and investors as the most important assets. Hence, they usually treat ingredients as well as recipes business secrets and behave protectively. One of the obvious results of this protective approach is the ocean of IP litigations the tech industry is swimming in.
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