Several people have already posted their thoughts and impressions about the new Gutenberg editor for WordPress, to highlight pros, cons and everything in between. Here is my perspective on it. I love that it’s a solid take on introducing a much improved version of shortcodes. Shortcodes have terrible UX, especially without the Shortcake plugin (and the requirement that each plugin adding a shortcode needs to support it). Blocks require all that UI to be there out-of-the-box. Furthermore in most cases the block content will still show properly even if a specific block type is not available anymore, for example when the plugin registering it has been deactivated. There will still be some cases though where blocks require some PHP to run (for example the “Latest Posts” block), and for those blocks the problem will still persist in a way. There need to be clever “pure-HTML” fallbacks for those to still show useful content (if possible). I love that everything is stored in the post content, so the frontend will just work out of the box without querying lots of data from other database tables (except in custom PHP blocks possibly, but that’s unavoidable).
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