Bonjour! We are back from Paris. We had an amazing experience in WordCamp Europe. Though we sponsored and attended many WordCamps around the globe from weDevs, but this was our first time sponsoring and attending WordCamp Europe, and Paris made it very special. We will share our experience here and will do an analysis if the sponsoring was worth the money and time. If you have not read our initial post about Attending WordCamp Europe 2017, read this one first. weDevs is based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Paris is abut 10,000 KM away according to Google Maps. It takes about 13 Hr+ in an airplane with lowest possible transit (which you should never pick, keep reading for why). And yes, Visa is needed to visit France for Bangladeshi citizen. We have traveled even further in past to sponsor WordCamp but in the event, it seems we are among those who travel the furthest distance. Uncertainty About Attending I actually did not get my visa in my hand before June 14th 5 PM in the evening. After that, I came back office, purchased air ticket at 6 PM, booked the hotel at 6:30 PM, went back home, took shower, had quick dinner, then head out to the airport to fly on the same night. I don’t know
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