New tabs mode for the sidebar to switch between post settings and block inspector. Implement recent blocks display. Mobile implementation of block mover, settings, and delete actions. Search through all tabs on the inserter and hide tabs. New documentation app to serve all tutorials, faqs, docs, etc. Enable ability to add custom classes to blocks (via inspector). Add ability to drag-and-drop on image block placeholders to upload images. Add “table of contents” document outline for headings (with empty heading validation). Refactor tests to use Jest API. New block: Verse (intended for poetry, respecting whitespace). Avoid showing UI when typing and starting a new paragraph (text block). Display warning message when navigating away from the editor with unsaved changes. Use old editor as “freeform”. Improve PHP parser compatibility with different server configurations (“mbstring” extension and PCRE settings). Improve PostVisibility markup and accessibility. Add shortcuts to manage indents and levels in List block. Add alignment options to latest posts block. Add focus styles for quick tags buttons in text mode. Add way to report PHP parsing performance.
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