With over 50,000 free plugins, the WordPress Plugin Directory is the city mall for every WordPress user, and where you’ll find plugins covering all features and functionalities for your next website. Nevertheless, chances are that you won’t find a plugin providing that exact feature expressly required by your client. Like it or not, you may have to launch your favorite text editor and start coding. But have you ever considered the possibility to share your plugins with the whole WordPress community? The main purpose of this post is to explore with you readers the benefits of distributing plugins through the WordPress.org repository. I will quickly summarize recommendations and best practices you are encouraged to follow, then I will drive you through the SVN key concepts you should know when you’re planning to publish a plugin to the WordPress plugin directory. Why the WordPress Plugin Directory? The first reason to publish your plugin to the WordPress plugin directory is to take advantage of a number of great tools and services for free, such as plugin description, statistics, active installs, changelog, support forum, and more. In addition, users are notified anytime
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