WooCommerce 3.1 was released today after four weeks of beta and RC testing. Although it is just a minor update, the release was a large undertaking with 1,600 commits from 84 contributors. The most exciting feature in 3.1 is the new built-in product importer/exporter that supports CSV files, a feature previously offered through extensions. The importer makes it easier to migrate stores from other e-commerce platforms, as well as add and update product information for existing stores. Users can select whether to update existing products or create new products and can map the data against product fields: The tool is also useful for those selling across multiple storefronts or marketplaces and is capable of matching up data based on product ID or SKU. Please note that it only handles products and not customers and orders. Store owners looking to import those additional items will still need to use an extension. Version 3.1 also introduces the ability to manage WooCommerce.com extension licenses within WooCommerce core, eliminating the need to install the helper extension and copy subscription keys over. Customers can now connect their WooCommerce.com account to the site and download, manage,
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