Every year, our anniversary is one of our favorite moments. It’s the perfect time to reflect on the last 12 months and also share some feedback with you. On our 3rd anniversary, we achieved great records, changed our price strategy and worked really hard on our documentation (see WP Rocket is 3 Years Old: Reports and Feedback). In 2017, our 4th year, we are focusing on consolidation: of our team, our product and our figures. Inspired by the results shared by WooCommerce, we wanted to illustrate the data we’ve found more representative of the past years through a few infographics. Here’s our retrospective for the past years. Our retrospective in infographics 4 years of revenue 4 years of our plugin 4 years of our team A reinforced support team During the past 12 months, we welcomed 4 new teammates to expand our support team. The number of tickets saw a 62% increase compared to last year, coinciding with the growth of our client base. In order to help Lucy in the US timezone, we recruited Shelley, Renee and Michele. The North American team now has the same number of members as the European team, reinforced by the arrival of Romain. This totals 9 teammates for our support
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