WordPress is one of the most flexible and widely used content management systems and offers a lot of flexibility and power. It makes it easier for users to create beautiful websites and extends functionality through thousands of plugins. However, a successful website isn’t just about site design or content as optimizing it for search engines is also vital. Although there is no shortage of WordPress SEO guides, most of them are way too difficult for beginners to understand. This post primarily aims to make it easier for new users to optimize their websites for search engines, which is crucial for attracting more traffic. Let’s start with the basics before getting into details about how to optimize WordPress websites for better search engine visibility and ranking. What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Unlike Mathematics, Physics and other science subjects, SEO is not based on hard-and-fast rules as search engines keep updating their search algorithms. All we have are general guide lines and best practices that apply to all almost search engines. If done properly, SEO can prove to be the backbone of a successful website and is especially important for online and small
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